SAL is cheapest way international sending systems.
Choose SAL if you wanting to lower prices postage.
But, it sometimes lost baggage in SAL because it haven't a trucking number.
Choose SAL if you have the risk of the lost baggage.
SAL is 2-3 delivery weeks

If you didn't sign up on PAYPAL,yet
Please try to PAYPAL sign up.
This procedure is very easy. Many customers have already used this.
If you have a credit card, do sign up in Paypal.( It's free.)
Paypal is safe, and easy, and which is the cheapest way to pay us.
Note : PAYPAL is a just only remittance systems. (They use E-mail address.)
There is no items on PAYPAL.

Now, show you how do you sign up on PAYPAL web site.
You must be on line sign up to Paypal. (
You must choose International Sign Up. (not for Personal Account Sign Up)
(Sign up---International Sign Up---choose your country---continue...)
Paypal sends mail with password to you when you succeed Sign up.
Start your mailing software and receive mail to you from PAYPAL.
Click on the "https://secure.paypal......." in your mail from PAYPAL.
link it address and enter your password there.
Add your Credit Card. (My Account - Profile - Credit Card - Add)
Log in PAYPAL and enter your password. (If you already log out.)
Click "Send Money".
Enter Recipient's Email: (This is my account)
Enter Amount: (The total prices of you including the postage.)
Enter Currency: (U.S.D or Eoro or Pound or ...)
Enter Type: Goods - Non-Auction
Enter Subject: (Oder book...etc) and Note: (some your message)
Click "Continue".
Check your Payment Details and enter Sipping Information(Your address)
Click "Send Money".

*Send the amount of total prices which include postage in us.
Here is your postage.
See chart
Our recipient's e-mail address is

You need Recipient's our Email address is
Only this address confirms us with PAYPAL.
They are not other names. That address is only one.
You don't need Item name or our company name.

If you live in France.
and if you hope cheapest postage for the receipt of 2 books.
You choose SAL service.
The book price is $38 each.
USD $38 x 2 = $76
The postage of 2 books by SAL. = $23
See chart
Your total amount is 76+23= $99
Send us $99 use by PAYPAL for our address

Sending Info

We prepare for two delivery systems.
SAL is 2-3 delivery weeks.
EMS is 5-8 delivery days.

You must choose either one of the delivery system when you order.
Please choose which one do you like for shipping type.
A). The international cheapest delivery is SAL.
But, it sometimes lost baggage in SAL because it haven't a trucking number.
Choose SAL if you have the risk of the lost baggage.
B). Choose EMS(UPS) if your hope for the quickly and safety delivery.
It have a trucking number.
Note : Please don't forget to add a shipping cost,See chart. and mail us your full name and your address. We are waiting for an order from you.
If you have any questions, or you didn't use Paypal.
Please send us a mail.